Students earning dual credit through Palo Alto programs

What a great day to be a pirate! Our dual credit students travelled to Palo Alto today for a campus tour. Our HIST 1301 students were even encouraged to sit enjoy their regularly televised lecture live and in person. What an honor it was to see each of these bright young adults receive their first college ID. We caused quite a stir as many of the regular college scholars were surprised that Lytle ISD provides such a wonderful opportunity to so many students.  We also saw multiple Lytle graduates and they were quick to give hugs and high fives to each other.

For our new staff members Lytle ISD makes it possible for students to earn college credit as early as their 10th grade year. Most of our dual credit students leave with 24 credit hours and gain the confidence that goes with being a proven college student.

Our young pirates were excited to find out that their ID allows them to access the writing and math centers, the library, the aquatic center/fitness center, and to receive many college student discounts.  They also were amazed by purple hair and piercings, pajama clad individuals, and the curly fries in the cafeteria.


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Posted on September 24, 2013 and filed under Good News.