Skull Studios takes to the sky with video drone for real world learning!

Had to share this. Last night, I saw a copy of the Anvil Herald and it caught my eye. On closer inspection, I saw that our L.H.S. drone camera, AKA, The Flying Mutiny, made the front page of Castroville/Hondo’s local paper! My students were out in Castroville last Saturday, because the new fitwell owner has asked Skull Studios to do her videography and photography for her new gym. We also are doing a documentary about the owner, as she went to college in the 70s to be a fitness consultant/instructor, but then took a job at USAA in a completely different field. 30 years later, she is finally following her original dream of pursuing a fitness career by owning the local gym! She calls it her “sunset career.” Lol. Anyway, Here’s the pic that ended up in the paper, and a link to the aerial footage (on Lytle ISD’s YouTube channel) that my students were able to shoot last Saturday at the fitwell grand opening celebration. Once again, my students make me very proud. They step up to every challenge I present them…ESPECIALLY when we venture out into the real world. 

Posted on November 14, 2014 and filed under Announcements.