Student group preparing to present at Legislative Session in Austin

I thought you might like a to see Lytle High School's  11th Legislative Session representatives hard at work. They are hashing out their ideas concerning approximately 15 bills that will be presented in Austin, Texas, on Monday.  Lytle High School has been assigned the "Top 10 Percent Rule" and will present their ideas as to why the top 10% off all Texas graduating seniors should NOT be admitted into public post-secondary institutions. Their discussions have been quite interesting as most of these students are ranked in the top 10% and will be using this rule to be admitted into their chosen university.   They will also have to oppose the Texas Succession Act  or the Death Penalty Abolition Act in committee.  We leave the parking lot of Lytle High School at 5:15 am on Monday...more photos to come


Brittany Miller, Senator

Savannah Dyer, House of Representatives

Connor Hoffman, House of Representatives and Chair of the House and Human Services Committee

Macy Smith, House of Representatives

Brandi Perkins, Journalist

Onofre Vazquez, Lobbyist

Not pictured:  Sarah Jimenez, Staff  

Posted on November 7, 2014 and filed under Events.