LHS enters Classroom Musical contest with fun video

We are very proud of our KiddNation Classroom Musical Contest entry, called “I wish I was recognized.” A group of Lytle High School students came together to write new lyrics for three OneRepublic songs. Then, capitalizing on the vocal talents of Vince Medina, Faith Soto, and Kelsie McAlexander, we created a music video that is truly fun to watch. There were a few requirements, like we had to use OneRepublic instrumentals, include a shout out to the cast of KiddKraddick morning show, and we decided to tip our hats to TastyKakes, as they were putting up the prize money. (We managed to squeeze in some Media Literacy in our discussions of product placement.) Anyway, we did not win the prize money, but we learned a lot of good video and music production lessons while putting this together. Again, this video was the result of a huge team of Audio/Video Technology students, but would especially like to recognize Aaron Ayala who invested himself at an amazing level and show incredible leadership in getting this project done.




Lorri Van De Walle

Posted on March 30, 2015 and filed under Good News.