**SIMULATED ACCIDENT AT LHS CAMPUS THURSDAY 4/7** LHS hosting Shattered Dreams Program

Dear Parents:

As adults, we all understand the potential risks and consequences of drinking and driving and for underage drinking.  However, despite all the precautions we take as parents, some of our teens still experiment.  Alcohol related accidents are the #1 killer of teenagers today.  Even worse, according to one auto accident attorney, “Texas Teens Lead in DWI Deaths Nationwide.”

In an attempt to help educate our students, Lytle High School will be presenting the “Shattered Dreams” program on Thursday, April 7, 2016.  A mock car crash will be recreated with some students acting as victims.  Local emergency services will be involved, as well as local law enforcement.   The point of the presentation is to have students learn that, although some people get lucky, there can be life-changing consequences when people choose to drink and drive.

Please mark your calendars.   We are attempting to notify the community in advance so everyone will be aware of what is happening at the high school on Thursday, April 7 and will not worry that there has actually been an accident.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (830) 709-5100 or email me at joplings@lytleisd.com.



Sandra Jopling

SHAC Coordinator

Lytle IS

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