On Passing the Torch!

With only days left of school, many students only wish that they could be free of school, eager to enjoy a summer full of fun and friends. Stress from finals causes many students to feel imprisoned and yearning for an escape from school into the free spirit of summer.

However, for many of the seniors graduating this year, the end of the school year signifies farewell.

Passing the Torch involves the recognition of the graduating class as well as the sharing of wisdom gained through the high school experience.

As the seniors prepare to leave high school and start their own lives, they have savvy gained from their experiences to share with future classes. They can offer insights on how to deal with many if the issues students need to survive and thrive during the time at LHS. As the classes before them did, the seniors left their mark on the culture of the campus; leaving both their influence and their legacy on the student body and the community.

Posted on May 1, 2017 .